Lacy Parasol
January 13th, 2024


Floribunda Rose

Lacy Parasol’ is a soft pink with cream base coloured, semi-double Floribunda bred in South Australia’s Barossa Valley by Mary Frick and released to the market in 2012.

Blooms are cupped shape with red stamens which adds to the charm of this rose; flowering in both small and large clusters it repeats well if regularly deadheaded.

Fragrance is sweet with overtones of fruit and honey.

With a spreading habit, the plant grows to 1.2m tall and as wide. Foliage is attractive and light green. It has good disease resistance and is easy to grow.

Lacy Parasol is highly recommended in our climate for exhibitors and the home gardener alike.

Available from Knight’s Roses either as a bare root plant or potted, this rose makes a great addition to any garden. Knight’s Roses website:

Text: Gavin Woods