A new method of paying your membership subscriptions. We have established a system with BankSA so that we can extract an agreed amount from your bank account each year to cover the annual fee. This means that you don’t need to worry about missing a payment or paying your subscriptions twice.

If you would like to join this, we have provided the BankSA application form and a set of instructions about how to complete it. You will need to nominate which form of membership you would like to have (e.g., single member with hard copy Bulletin or joint member with on-line Bulletin, etc) and for how long you would like this system to work for you. If the membership fees were to change in future years, we are required to provide you with several weeks’ notice before making the amendment. The customer number on the form will be the identification number from the Society database so just leave that blank.

Once you have completed and signed the form please mail it to the RSSA Treasurer, PO Box 51, Unley, SA 5061 so I can enter the details into the BankSA system. I need to maintain records of your signed applications, so a scanned form is only OK if it shows your signature.

Please note that this is not compulsory, and it is entirely your choice whether to participate or not. If you want to continue to use cheques, EFT or credit cards for your subscriptions that is fine. You do not have to be a BankSA customer to participate, and the form to be completed is the same.

If you want to discuss this, please call me on 0493 755 760 but only after business hours.

Paul Flavel, RSSA Treasurer



As the attached form was created by BankSA, it contains multiple choices but cannot be easily modified. We trust the following instructions will make the completion of the form easier.

  1. It asks for a Customer Number – please leave this blank and we will add it later (it will be the number assigned to you by the Rose Society membership database)
  2. Part B – Schedule.
    1. The Date of First Payment will be 29 Mar 2024 (that way we will receive the subscriptions in the correct financial year even considering any weekends)
    2. Frequency – please tick the box that says Yearly
    3. Number of payments – if you want this arrangement to be open ended tick the box before Continue until further notice. On the other hand, if you wish to limit the number of years this arrangement works, please tick the box before Stop after … payments (and add the number of years)
  3. Part C. Please enter the amount into the Regular Amount The amount will be:
    1. For a single member with hard copy Bulletin $45.00
    2. For a single member with online Bulletin $35.00
    3. For joint members with hard copy Bulletin $50.00
    4. For joint members with online Bulletin $40.00
    5. For junior members $5.00
  4. Part D. We do need your bank account details to enable us to achieve this arrangement. We will make all possible endeavours to protect the privacy of your information, but we do need to keep copies of your form for audit purposes.
  5. BankSA will charge a fee of $2.75 if you have insufficient funds in your account to cover the annual fee.

To Download a Direct Debit Request Form click here