February 11th, 2023



English Shrub Rose

Known for its prolific flowering and well-shaped bush, ‘Tranquillity’ can be a lovely feature plant in your garden. This rose was bred by David Austin (Snr.) in Shropshire, England, in 2004 and released in 2012.

Over the past 62 years David Austin Roses have achieved a world-famous reputation for roses with an ‘old-world’ appearance and fragrance combined with the qualities of modern roses such as repeat flowering, disease tolerance and a wide colour range.

Tranquillity has well shaped, circular blooms with abundant petals that make up perfect rosettes, enhanced by a light fruity fragrance. Blooms are often produced in clusters of 5 to 7 on each stem. The buds are pale yellow, opening into medium sized, fully double pearl white blooms, with a charming old-fashioned look typical of David Austin English Shrub Roses. Occasionally, due to weather, blooms can have a touch of pale lemon in the centre.

The bush is vigorous and upright with good sturdy stems. It is almost thornless with attractive healthy foliage, except in excessively rainy seasons when ‘Black Spot’ may appear and need treatment.

Tranquillity grows up to 1.3m x 1.25m with great repeat flowering ability, making it a very attractive plant.

A truly English rose in the Austin tradition.

Available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery in S.A. and Silkies Rose Farm in Victoria.

Text: Melanie Trimper