March 11th, 2023


Hybrid Tea


There are some roses which really excel in our climate. ‘Sunny Sky’ has a proven track record – performing well in spring, summer and autumn producing flushes of quality blooms as well as demonstrating excellent resistance to blackspot and mildew. This variety is a great example of Kordes’ strict breeding program and “no spray” policy which aims to create and release vigorous healthy roses.

Bred by Kordes in 1999 and introduced in 2009, Sunny Sky is a multi-awarded, Gold Medal winner in rose trials around the world.

Sunny Sky is one of Kordes Eleganza Series. This rose is admired for its large, classically shaped, rich yellow blooms with a sweet fruity fragrance showing citrus, apple and peach. It has long pointed buds, large flowers (41+ petals) and mostly a single bloom per stem but occasional small clusters.

This bush produces a prolific number of blooms throughout the season, has a neat upright shape growing to 1.2m tall with healthy semi-glossy foliage. It’s great in the garden but also as a cut flower. Deadhead finished blooms to encourage the next flush of roses.

Available from Treloar Roses in Victoria. Visit the website


Gold Medal                         Monza 2010

Gold Medal                         Belfast 2012

Gold Medal                         The Hague 2014

Gold Medal                         Glasgow 2014

City of Belfast Award      Belfast 2012

Trophy Best HT                  La Tacita Italy 2012

Trophy Best HT                  Société Nationale d’Horticulture  France 2014

ADR Trial Award                Germany 2015

Rose of the Year               Royal Horticultural Society UK 2016

Excellence Rose                Royal Boskoop Hort Society (KVBC) Dutch-Belgian Award 2021


Text: Kelvin Trimper AM

Photo: Courtesy of Treloar Roses