Simply Magic
February 10th, 2012
Simply magic 2



Simply Magic is a charming small Floribunda rose growing to approximately 80cm high and 90cm wide. Its size makes it ideal for use as a border or in massed plantings. It can be found in both road medians and massed garden beds around Adelaide’s streets and parks.

This eye-catching bright pink rose is nearly always in flower, throughout the growing season. The 8cm flowers are generally borne in clusters of up to 12 blooms, making a marvellous display. It is very disease resistant with dark, glossy green leaves.

Bred in France by Alain Meilland and introduced in 1992, Simply Magic has been popular with both home gardeners and curators of public parks and gardens. It is also impressive grown as a standard rose.

For those seeking roses requiring only a little attention, this tough and reliable short bushy rose performs extremely well.

Photos by Melanie Trimper and Chris Kelly