Princess Anne
November 11th, 2023



English Shrub Rose

Described as a favourite by David Austin Roses, due to its excellent flowering and health, ‘Princess Anne’ is a loved and recommended rose variety. This rose was bred by David C.H. Austin OBE in Shropshire, England, before 2002 and was introduced in the UK in 2010.  David waited for a very special rose to give it a very special name to honour Anne, Princess Royal. 

David Austin Roses has a global reputation for unique English shrub roses which have an ‘old-fashioned’ appearance and fragrance combined with the qualities of modern roses such as repeat flowering, disease tolerance and a wider colour range. 

Princess Anne features large, rich pink blooms numbering about 10 per stem. The young flowers are deep pink, almost red, fading to pure cerise pink. Blooms have 85 petals with a hint of yellow on the reverse and a moderately strong Tea rose fragrance. This sturdy upright bush flowers freely and in abundance throughout the year.  It grows approximately 1m x 1m. 

Suitable for cut flowers, mixed borders, pots and containers, rose hedges and shady areas, Princess Anne is a highly recommended  David Austin English Shrub Rose. 

This rose is available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery and Treloar Roses.

Text: Melanie Trimper