Pope John Paul II
April 8th, 2017
Pope John Paul


Hybrid Tea


Once in a while an exceptional rose comes along that grabs the attention of the rose world.

Bred by Dr. Keith Zary in the USA, this rose was introduced in 2006 and named to honour the late ‘Pope John Paul II’.

This outstanding rose was awarded a Gold Medal and the title ‘Australia’s Rose of the Year’ for 2010 from the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia, in Adelaide, and gained an international reputation for excellence worldwide.

It is not only a perfect pure white, classic rose, it has all the other desirable characteristics as well. One of the most fragrant roses, Pope John Paul II has a magnificent intense fresh citrus fragrance, beautiful large high-pointed blooms on long stems and prolific repeat flowering. Given its fragrance and vase life, it makes a great cut flower.

The bush has very good disease tolerance and a neat growth habit of approximately 1.4m high x 1m wide with healthy, dark green glossy foliage.

This rose excels in all types of climates from the cool damp climates of Vancouver and Tasmania to the hot dry climate of Adelaide and South Australia. It simply has it all.

Available as a bush or standard from Wagner’s Rose Nursery, Newman’s Nursery, Swane’s Nurseries and Treloar Roses.

AWARDS include:

MOST FRAGRANT ROSE              Rose Hills USA                                             2006

GOLD MEDAL                                 National Rose Trial Garden Adelaide      2010

BEST ROSE IN THE TRIAL           National Rose Trial Garden Adelaide      2010

BEST HYBRID TEA                         National Rose Trial Garden Adelaide      2010

MOST FRAGRANT ROSE              National Rose Trial Garden Adelaide      2010

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD        Portland Oregon USA                                 2011

MOST FRAGRANT ROSE              Portland Oregon USA                                 2011


Text: Kelvin Trimper