August 9th, 2014



Playgirl is an eye-catching bright pink Floribunda rose which was bred in the USA by Ralph Moore in 1986. Ralph Moore was one of America’s most famous rose breeders introducing over 500 roses during his 60 year career.

Playgirl is described as a single rose with 5 – 7 petals. It is well known for its elegant slender pointed buds, attractive pink flowers with wavy petals and bright yellow stamens. The blooms are delicate and beautiful, borne singly or in small clusters of up to 5 flowers.

This healthy attractive plant grows into a neat bush almost 1m x 1m, has semi-glossy foliage, few prickles and is quick to repeat flower all through the growing season.

Ideal for garden beds and borders or containers.

Available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery, Thomas for Roses or place an order with your local garden centre.