January 10th, 2013
Playboy 1



‘Playboy’ is an eye-catching, vibrant Floribunda rose bred by Cocker, in Scotland, in 1976. The burnt orange flowers are edged in scarlet and transition to a rich gold in the centre and turn a deeper colour as they age. The flowers are almost single with around 8 to 10 petals.

No-one is sure whether or not the rose was named after the popular men’s magazine but Playboy, our Rose of the Month, has certainly been popular around the world, especially in the USA and Australia.

Its healthy, glossy, deep green foliage provides the perfect backdrop to attractive, large clusters of well spaced flowers. Each flower can be up to 10cm in diameter and in clusters of up to 24 blooms. The plant is disease resistant and produces flowers throughout the season but is at its best in Spring and Autumn.

Each plant is a well shaped 1.2m x 1.2m and it is great for a low hedge or high border.

‘Playboy’ creates a showy feature in any garden.

Photos by Melanie Trimper