Our Vanilla
December 10th, 2010
Our Vanilla 1


(Code KORplasina)

An excellent cut flower and show rose has been selected as the Rose of the Month for December. It is ‘Our Vanilla’ bred in Germany by Kordes in 1994. This Floribunda rose is also known as ‘Vanilla’ in some locations, such as the USA.

The name has been well chosen as the colour is a vanilla ivory with the outer petals sometimes showing a pale green hue. Growth is dense and very healthy. Our Vanilla produces long clean stems with very few thorns and well formed, medium-sized blooms, up to 30 petals. This attractive and versatile rose has also been nick-named the ‘Parchment Rose’ due to the tough, leathery petals and it’s amazing durability and long vase-life as a cut flower. It lasts 8 to 10 days or more, and is therefore popular with florists around the world. As it has been bred as a cut flower variety it has no fragrance.

Our Vanilla is available as both a bush rose and a standard. The flowers are borne both in small clusters up to 7 blooms and solitary on a stem. It has a strong, upright growth habit with attractive glossy foliage and it usually reaches a height of 1.5 metres. Our Vanilla produces a prolific amount of blooms in flushes throughout the long growing season.

In 2010, Our Vanilla was endorsed by the Rose Society of South Australia Inc. in its annual publication as a recommended Floribunda rose, giving it yet another seal of approval.

Photos by Melanie Trimper, Doug Gregory and Chris Kelly