August 11th, 2018


Large Flowered Climber / Pillar Rose


‘Nahema’ was bred by Georges Delbard, in France, from ‘Grand Siecle’ x ‘Heritage’ in 1991 and released in France in 2006. Nahema has established a reputation as one of the best fragrant climbers on the market and is well suited to our climatic conditions.

Nahema produces masses of highly fragrant and deeply cupped old-fashioned blooms with velvety petals of delicate almond blossom pink.  This rose blooms in profusion throughout the season with a strong perfume of citrus, peach, apricot, pear and rose. The renowned perfume of the Guerlain range of perfumes is based on the essence of this rose.

The foliage tends to recurve which would suggest that the rose is too dry but this quirkiness makes the leaves readily identifiable. Despite this habit, the foliage is very strong and disease tolerant.

Nahema can be espaliered against a wall, used as a pillar rose or trained and bound to a verandah post. This is an ideal location because the rose has very few thorns and the perfume can be enjoyed. It repeat flowers well and will grow to a height of approximately 3 metres.

The flowers are sensational to use in flower arrangements because of their long vase life and as the petals drop, the perfume remains scattered around the base of the vase.

Available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery, Newman’s Nursery, Rankin Roses, Swane’s Nurseries and Silkie’s Rose Farm.

 Text: Sharyn Perrin