August 5th, 2023


 (Large Flowered Climber)


If you ever wanted flowering walls to enchant and embellish your garden, then try growing this attractive, large flowered, climbing rose.

‘Moonlight’ was bred by Kordes in Germany in 1994 and first introduced in 2004.

This rose has a great reputation for beautiful semi-double blooms ranging in colour from yellow through to copper and pink tones. Adding to its seductive, colourful display these flowers have a light, fruity fragrance.

Moonlight is a vigorous and healthy climbing rose producing a large quantity of blooms borne singularly or in small clusters up to 4 blooms on reasonably sturdy stems. Regular removal of spent blooms will ensure repeat flowering throughout the growing season.

When grown and trained against a trellis, the plant can achieve heights around 3m by 5m in width.

This is a very disease resistant rose. Kordes’ climbing varieties can go through a testing period of 10 to 12 years before being introduced into the market, with Treloar Roses trialling each one further still under Australian conditions. Only the strongest, most vigorous and floriferous cultivars are released.  Moonlight has performed well throughout the world and thrives in our South Australian climate.

Moonlight is available from Treloar Roses.

Text and Photos: Melanie Trimper