Monsieur Tillier June 2015


Monsieur Tillier’ is a famous old Tea Rose bred by Alexandre Bernaix in France in 1891. This rose is sold as Mons. Tillier in Australia and the USA, but as ‘Archiduc Joseph’ in Europe.

Monsieur Tillier has very distinctive medium-sized, old fashioned blooms in orange-pink edged with soft violet red outer petals and displays vibrant carmine buds.  The flowers have a fresh herbaceous fragrance and repeat well. It can form a large bush, up to 2m tall, with healthy attractive foliage.

This rose is recommended because it is easy to grow in our warm climate, strong and hardy and has prolific flowering throughout the season.

Monsieur Tillier was voted number one Tea Rose in a worldwide plebiscite. Rosarians in Australia and around the world voted for their favourite ten Tea Roses. The votes were compiled by David Ruston and Di Durston and published in the Heritage Roses in Australia journal in spring 2010.