Mister Lincoln
April 14th, 2010
Mister Lincoln 2


Hybrid Tea

Since its introduction to the market in 1965, Mister Lincoln has become one of the world’s most popular red Hybrid Tea roses. It’s very long straight stems; classic rose shape and strong damask perfume are its hallmarks.

Mister Lincoln was bred by Herb Swim in the USA in 1964 and named after Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the USA. In Adelaide, Mister Lincoln performs very well in full sun. It will comfortably grow into a bush 2 metres tall and 1 to 1.2 metres wide. It is a regular and consistent bloomer throughout the year and its quality flowers last very well when cut for floral arrangements or the show bench. Each flower has approximately 35 petals with a diameter of 10 to 14 centimetres.

Mister Lincoln is a little susceptible to Black Spot and Mildew but a winter spray after pruning and a preventable fungal spray in early Spring are all that is required to ensure disease free plants.

The dark, deep red flowers can take on a bluish hue in Autumn with the onset of cool, dewy nights. This bluish colour tint shows up more when the flowers are taken inside for display.

Mister Lincoln won the prestigious All-America Rose Selection in 1965 and has received numerous other awards, especially for its fragrance and performance in Rose Shows.

Readily available, given its popularity, Mister Lincoln is a “must-have” rose in every rose lover’s garden.