Minnie Pearl
August 10th, 2010
Minnie Pearl 1



Minnie Pearl is living proof that good things do come in small packages. This Miniature Rose grows to ½ metre tall x ½ metre wide. It is a rose that thrives on its own roots, that is, it can be readily produced from cuttings, (taken in May).

Hybridized in the USA by Saville in 1982, Minnie Pearl is highly regarded as one of the most popular Miniature Roses since its introduction. It is reasonably disease resistant and flourishes in full sun, although it will perform adequately providing it receives at least three hours of sunlight daily.

Minnie Pearl has long, elegant buds which open to reveal classic rose shaped blooms of light pink with a touch of cream. Its flower colour deepens as it ages in full sunlight. The miniature flowers are one to 1 ½ cms across and carried singularly or in clusters up to 5 on each stem. The perfect shape and size of the flowers are ideal for button holes or shoulder sprays. The flowers last extremely well when picked. Minnie Pearl is a very popular show rose winning many championship awards over the years.

In the garden, Minnie Pearl makes a fantastic border plant, being in constant flower for nine months of the year (Oct. to June). It also makes a great pot plant.

Minnie Pearl is available from specialist rose nurseries. Alternatively, come along to our Spring Rose Show on the 23th – 24th October where our plant stall will display plenty of Minnie Pearl plants for sale, produced from cuttings made by our members.

Photos by Rich Baer, USA and Melanie Trimper