La Sevillana
March 13th, 2010
La Sevillana 1



La Sevillana was bred by Marie-Louise Meilland and released in 1978. Orange-red in colour with a mild fragrance, this Floribunda Rose is an outstanding performer in our hot and dry climate.

La Sevillana is perfect for planting as a hedge or as a mass bed. The individual plants grow up to 1.2m tall and spread to 1.5m. It is one of the few Floribunda Roses to perform strongly when grown on its own roots, i.e. grown from cuttings.

This implies that it can be produced in large numbers very economically, making it ideal for mass plantings on roadsides, in wide medians and on the ends of vine rows. Excellent examples exist in the Barossa Valley, between Nuriootpa and Tanunda, and in the South East, at Coonawarra.

La Sevillana can be pruned mechanically and is very disease resistant making it ideal as a maintenance efficient rose. It constantly is in flower from October to June and the flowers, comprising around 15 petals, can be borne on a single stem or in small clusters.

La Sevillana has won awards in Rose Trials in Germany and France.

La Sevillana is recommended for those seeking a tough, relatively maintenance free rose which is constantly in flower.

In 2004, Meilland released a very similar apricot blend Floribunda Rose named ‘Tequila La Sevillana’. Trials suggest this rose will perform as well as La Sevillana in our climate.

Photos by Corporate Roses Pty Ltd.