Jude the Obscure November 2015



Shrub Rose

Jude The Obscure’ is an English Shrub Rose bred by David Austin in the UK and released in 1995.

This rose remains a great favourite of many gardeners owing to its lovely, strong and unusual award-winning fragrance and romantic cup-shaped flowers. The magnificent, large, pale yellow blooms have an apricot coloured centre, 55 – 70 petals and are produced solitary or in small clusters with an outstanding fruity fragrance of guava and sweet grapes.

Particularly good in warm climates, Jude The Obscure is very free-flowering with strong, healthy, bushy growth. It will reach a height of 1.5m and 1.2m wide. It displays good disease resistance in our hot dry climate and is reasonably free flowering through summer and autumn.

Plant it near a seat where you can sit and enjoy its delightful perfume.

Named ‘Jude The Obscure’ after the famous novel by Thomas Hardy, published in 1895.

Jude the Obscure 2