Joyce Abounding
July 10th, 2018
Joyce Abounding 1



Joyce Abounding is an extremely popular Australian bred Miniflora rose which has been awarded many prizes in Rose Shows across Australia, especially NSW and Victoria.  The rose has many uses from mass planting, low hedges through to specimen plants either in the ground or featured in large pots. Bred by the Late Dr. Bruce Chapman of Melbourne, Joyce Abounding was released in 2012 by Ross Roses in South Australia.

Miniflora” is a relatively recent classification of roses and covers a group of roses which are bigger than “Miniature” roses and smaller than “Floribunda” roses.

The classically shaped flower has a range of colours from yellow to apricot, through to mid pink and variations of each colour. Blooms are produced on short individual stems through to small clusters on a bush around 60cm tall and wide.  Its flowering display is for eight months of the year, with the best range of colours in the cooler months. Health is excellent for most of the year. No noticeable scent available.

This rose is hardy and easy to grow.  Ideal for small house blocks, units or even larger gardens, this rose is instantly appealing and will never let you down.  It is also great for growing in pots.

This rose is available from Ross Roses (Willunga) or Roses and Friends in NSW.

Text: Andrew Ross