April 9th, 2022



When famous Rose Breeder Sam McGredy IV was asked if he had to choose just one rose to take to an island paradise, what it would be? He answered, “Iceberg”. Another rose expert, Eric Trimper, said, “Iceberg will never let you down.”

Iceberg was hybridized in 1958 by Reimer Kordes in Germany and is one of the world’s most popular Floribunda roses. A universal best-seller for decades, it is well known for its hardiness in all rose-growing regions tolerating both hot and cold temperature extremes. Two recent sports are ‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’ and ‘Burgundy Iceberg’.

Iceberg can be grown as a tall bush, a well performing climber or excellent standard. Popular with home gardeners and professional landscapers, it is seen everywhere.  It is famous for its low maintenance and rapid repeat flowering, producing large and small clusters of beautifully shaped white double blooms all season long with the added benefit of healthy leaves and good disease tolerance.

Flowers are generally borne in clusters of up to 7 blooms per stem. Each flower has up to 35 soft, delicate white petals and displays an attractive fruity fragrance, sometimes displaying a blush of pink in cold weather.

The bush grows to 1.5m x 1.5m and its consistent growth and size make it perfect for use as a 90cm standard rose. It is the most commonly used standard rose for fences, borders or public spaces in Australia. It is also excellent as a potted rose. Generally, avoid severe pruning.

Iceberg deserves its iconic reputation having won Gold Medals in numerous rose trials around the world and was inducted into the World Federation of Rose Societies’ Rose Hall of Fame in 1983.

Iceberg is available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery, Knight’s Roses, Newman’s Nursery, Treloar Roses and from all good Garden Centres.

Another classic white rose which was inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame in the year 1991 was Pascali, named for the famous artist. This Hybrid Tea rose, bred by Lens in 1963, produces quality blooms on a tall bush and is available from Treloar Roses.

Text : Melanie Trimper