Henri Matisse
April 13th, 2019



The Rose Breeders at Delbard in France were inspired by the great impressionist painters to create a unique style of rose. The impressionists used small brush strokes of pure colour generating a special effect when viewed from a certain distance.

‘Henri Matisse™’ was bred by Georges Delbard in France in 1993 and introduced in 1996. This rose is named in honour of Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954), a leading figure in modern art. The lovely rich red and white striped roses pay homage to the flair of the great painter. The novelty factor has proved to be popular and there are now 8 painters in the Delbard Rose Collection. Interestingly, none of the blooms are identical.

This rose is classified as a Floribunda (sometimes listed as a Grandiflora) producing clusters of 1 – 3 fully double, cupped roses on each stem. The large flowers, up to 10cm in diameter, feature swirling colours of raspberry, pink and white. The rose has a mild perfume with notes of rose and sweet berry fruit.

Henri Matisse ™ is a strong, sturdy bush with healthy foliage and good repeat flowering throughout the season, producing masses of blooms bursting with colour. It grows to approximately 1.0 metre tall.

A useful cut flower with a long vase life.

Available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery and Newman’s Nursery.


Text: Melanie Trimper

Additional information from helpmefind.com via Les Krake  

Henri Matisse