Hannah Gordon
May 7th, 2016
Hannah Gordon 1


Floribunda Rose
Code: Korweiso

‘Hannah Gordon’ is a Floribunda rose bred by famous Rose Breeder Reimer Kordes (1922 – 1997), in Germany and released in 1983.
This popular rose is highly rated by rose lovers and gardeners around the world due to its attractive blooms, excellent disease resistance and repeat flowering qualities.
The very attractive flowers are in shades of white with pink or light red edges. The blooms have a mild fragrance and 20 to 25 petals with multiple heads of up to 5 or 6 blooms on a sturdy stem, produced in flushes throughout the season.
‘Hannah Gordon’ has very strong growth with glossy deep green leaves. When planting allocate sufficient space from other roses due to its overall size when mature. This tough, healthy rose suits our warm climate and usually grows 1.3m tall with an average width of 1.5m and yields a large number of blooms during the growing season.
This rose does have some thorns which are easily removed when picking to place in vases for arrangements.
This is a great specimen plant or it can be used in a mass planting to create a marvellous display of flowers.
Text:  Tony Hanna
Hannah Gordon 2