Eiffel Tower
October 10th, 2012
Eiffel Tower 2

Eiffel Tower

Hybrid Tea

There is something very special about a rose that can consistently produce 7 – 10cm long rich pink flowers on strong, straight stems of 0.5m – 0.75m. This rose was aptly named Eiffel Tower and was bred and released by David Armstrong and Herbert Swim, in the USA, almost 50 years ago.

As a bush, Eiffel Tower will generally reach a height of 2 metres or more and 1.1m in width. It has a delightful lifted rose fragrance.

Unusually, Eiffel Tower is most renowned and admired for its long, elegant pink buds with 2 to 4 petals unfurling, rather than as a medium to fully open flower. It is often used to great advantage to form the outline of a large floral arrangement. In the garden, it makes a ideal backdrop as a tall rose planted near a fence or shed.

Eiffel Tower enjoys our hot, dry Mediterranean climate and flowers throughout the entire growing season. It is relatively disease resistant.

Readily available, Eiffel Tower is definitely worthy of a place in our gardens.

Photos by Melanie Trimper and Ross Roses