Crown Princess Mary
June 11th, 2016
Crown Princess Mary


Hybrid Tea
Code: Tomroyal

Crown Princess Mary is an enchanting rose named to celebrate the marriage of Crown Princess Mary to Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.  This rose was bred by Australian Rose Hybridist George Thomson and was introduced in 2006 by Ross Roses.
Decorative ivory-white blooms blushed with pink, open in a gentle ruffle of petals resembling a silk rose. Softly fragrant, the charming roses flower freely and keep exceptionally well when picked. A particularly sun-loving garden plant which flowers from October to late June. The healthy, compact bush has rich green foliage and grows up to 1.2 metres tall.
This rose has proven to be incredibly tough with excellent performance in Ross Roses’ (no watering, spraying or maintenance) trials. It flowers well and will perform the same in many Australian gardens.
Now ten years in production, this lovely Australian bred rose has proved to be a very popular choice and is firmly established in the rose market. Readily available from rose suppliers around Australia.

Text by Andrew Ross.