Comte de Chambord
April 1st, 2023



This rose was named to honour Henri, the Comte de Chambord (1820-1883), a French king by divine right and the head of the House of Bourbon. He remained un-throned to the end of his life and was the last legitimate descendant of Louis XV of France in the male line.

‘Comte de Chambord’ is a charming Portland rose with true Old Rose character, bred by Moreau – Robert, in France, in 1863.

The classic French old-fashioned blooms are attractive pink-lilac, large and full (up to 55 petals) and sometimes quartered, with a lovely strong damask fragrance.  It is similar to its offspring, Gertrude Jekyll.

The strong upright bush is a manageable size growing to 1.5m tall and 1.2m wide with healthy green foliage and thorny stems. Its flowers, foliage and growth habit make it a very attractive plant for garden displays, a herbaceous border or in a container.

The bush has repeat flowering ability throughout the spring or summer months with scattered later bloom. This rose blooms the best during cooler weather.

The world’s favourite roses are chosen by popular vote by the World Federation of Rose Societies’ member countries and announced at World Rose Conventions.  Comte de Chambord was the Old Rose Hall of Fame winner in 2022.

Comte de Chambord now joins the previous 12 Old Rose Hall of Fame inductees on the Federation’s website.

This rose is available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery

Text: Melanie Trimper