Brass Band
June 10th, 2010
Brass Band 1



A standout, bright and classy rose; Brass Band is a rose for a focal point in your garden. Its colourful apricot, peach blend colour with a lemon reverse takes on “brassy” hues in cooler weather. Each flower has 30 to 40 thick, wavy petals with crimped edges. Blooms are usually 80mm in diameter.

Round clusters of up to 5 flowers are carried on each stem and Brass Band blooms in flushes throughout the growing season. In South Australia its Spring and Autumn performance is outstanding and it also tolerates our hot summers.

The plant generally grows into a reasonably compact 1.2m x 1m bush, making Brass Band an ideal low hedge or bedding cultivar. It also performs well as a “standard” or “stem” rose.

Brass Band was bred by Jack Christensen in the USA in 1993 and was introduced by Jackson and Perkins in 1994. Its impact on the rose world was immediate and it was chosen as the All-America Rose Selection in 1995. Numerous other awards followed as Brass Band was introduced to rose lovers throughout the world.

Brass Band performs exceptionally well on the show bench and its flowers last very well when picked. Reasonably disease resistant, the rose is virtually maintenance free apart from regular removal of spent blooms and winter pruning.

Brass Band is readily available. However, given its popularity, we suggest you order it from your favourite rose retailer.

Photos by Les Krake  and Chris Kelly