Bordure Nacree
March 6th, 2021

Bordure Nacree



Bordure Nacree was bred by Delbard in France in 1973. As the name suggests, it is a border rose and one of Delbard’s “Bordure” series which also has Bordure Blanche, Bordure Camaieu, Bordure Magenta and Bordure Viva.

Although classified as a Miniature, Bordure Nacree grows more like a Miniflora or small Floribunda rose to a height of 60cm and width of 60cm.

The flowers have a slight fragrance and feature a soft salmon peach colour fading to a pleasant pearl colour (hence the name ‘Nacree’). It blooms in large clusters which can contain up to 20 flowers 2 to 3 cm in size.

The bush has glossy, dark green foliage with good disease resistance. The bush retains good compact shape and as such can be grown as a border or low hedge.

Although, best pruned in the traditional way, it can be trimmed and pruned with hedge shears if planted in a mass.

Bordure Nacree is available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery.

Text : Merv Trimper