Baronne e. de Rothschild
October 10th, 2010
Baronne 2


Hybrid Tea

Baronne Edmond de Rothschild is an excellent bicoloured Hybrid Tea Rose bred by Meilland International in France in 1968. Over 40 years later, this rose remains very popular and is eagerly sought after by rose enthusiasts.

Apart from being a tough, disease resistant rose, Baronne E. de Rothschild has two outstanding features. Firstly, it is bicoloured displaying a crimson red opening to deep pink on the front of the petal with a silvery colour on the back of the petal. This is very eye-catching given its large flowers (up to 15 cms in diameter) comprising around 40 petals. Secondly, this rose has an amazingly strong, lifted rose perfume which surprises and delights anyone who smells the rose.

The plant is a well behaved regular shaped bush to approximately 1 ½ metres high and 1 metre across with leathery, bronze-green, glossy foliage. It frequently has clusters of flowers on one stem, with the central bud being the first to open, followed one to two weeks later by up to 5 surrounding flowers. It is an excellent cut flower and has a long vase life.

This rose has been awarded many gold medals in Rose Trial Gardens in Europe.

The full name of the rose is Baronne Edmond de Rothschild (code name MEIgriso) and one of its parents is the famous “Peace” rose.

Baronne E. de Rothschild is readily available in good garden centres and specialist rose nurseries and is recommended as a great garden rose.

Photos by Corporate Roses and Melanie Trimper