About Face
November 13th, 2021




 About Face™ was bred by Tom Carruth (Weeks Roses) in the USA in 2003 and was introduced in Australia in 2007. It was named About Face because of its distinctive two-tone appearance, having orange petals with a darker reverse. It is registered as a Grandiflora, meaning usually a tall bush, derived from crosses of Floribunda and Hybrid Tea roses and characterised by blooms both singly on long stems and also in small clusters on the same plant.

About Face™ is unusual among bi-coloured roses, as it features golden-orange upper and darker bronze orange-red on the reverse of the petals (26-30 petals), eventually fading to subtle pink and yellow. Blooms are medium to large, approx. 10-12cm in diameter, with a fruity apple fragrance.

Upright, well-branched and vigorous, this rose grows to approximately 1.8m tall with clean, semi-glossy foliage and good disease tolerance. But, watch out, it is thorny.

The bush has loads of blooms all season long. The large flowers, unique colour, fragrance and long straight stems make this rose ideal as a cut flower and also an eye-catching feature plant in the garden.

Available from Wagner’s Rose Nursery.


All-America Rose Selections winner (ARS) 2005

Text and Photos: Melanie Trimper