Maurice Utrillo
February 11th, 2017
Maurice 1



‘Maurice Utrillo’ was bred by the Delbard family in France and introduced in 2003.

Maurice Utrillo is from the Delbard Painters Collection – a series of brilliantly contrasted, voluptuous striped roses named after the Great French Impressionist Painters. Other well-known roses in the range are ‘Henri Matisse’, ‘Claude Monet’ and Edgar Degas’. Often bringing sheer delight or sometimes disdain, the extreme difference in each flower attracts immediate attention. Maurice Utrillo is regarded as one of the best in the collection given its vigour, double camellia like blooms, disease resistance and stunning colours of bright red, cream and white, fading to pink at the edges.

‘Maurice Utrillo’ has large flowers with a light herbaceous scent and looks like a modern shrub rose but is registered as a Floribunda rose, a term used to describe a cluster of flowers on one stem. The rose is hardy and very disease resistant. It has healthy, dark green foliage and grows 1m tall and 1m wide with great repeat flowering from spring until the end of autumn.
This rose is ideal for beds and group planting making a stunning colourful display in the garden and is also suitable for flower arrangements.

Available as a bush or standard rose from Wagner’s Rose Nursery, Newman’s Nursery and Rose Sales Online.

Text by Melanie Trimper