The National Rose Trial Garden of Australia
National Rose Trial Garden


Entries for the NRTGA 2023 rose trial are now being called for.

 This is a two-year trial for all cultivars except climbers which are trialed for three years. Rules and Conditions of the trial are available on our website:

There have been no changes to the application form or costing since last year. ($160.00 each entry).

Entries will be required before the 16th of June 2023 to enable codes etc. to be allocated and forwarded to you with bed numbers for labelling the roses.

Planting at this stage is scheduled for the middle of July this year, so all plants will need to be received by early July. When I forward your code numbers etc. the mailing address for your plants will be included together with confirmed final dates to enable planting to be carried out on time.

The roses (excepting climbers, ramblers & pillars) entered in 2023 will have their final assessments in 2025. The awards presentation for these roses will be held in October 2025.