April 11th, 2020



Pepita™ was bred by Tim Hermann Kordes through the crossing of the outstanding pink rose, ‘The Fairy’ with an unknown seedling. It was registered in 2006 and is part of Kordes’ LILIPUTS collection of miniature roses.

Pepita is a beautiful pink miniature rose with the reverse being a slightly deeper colour. The intense pink blooms make a statement in their clusters of up to eight and the usually magnificent spike of blooms cap new shoots.  As the bloom fades, the colour changes to a soft pink.  The flower has over 45 tiny petals and is cupped shape initially which becomes flat as the bloom matures. It blooms in regular flushes throughout the season and carries a mild fragrance.

The flowers provide a contrast to the matching miniature dark green, very glossy foliage.  Pepita is a compact upright bushy plant growing to 50 centimetres.

As a winner from the ADR stringent trials in Germany, where no sprays are allowed, it can be guaranteed that Pepita is a healthy, free flowering and disease resistant rose.  This ensures that gardeners can plant with confidence a reliable miniature rose which will provide years of satisfaction and joy.

Pepita is ideal for growing in tubs, pots, plant boxes and border planting of flower beds.   Pepita is available from Treloar Roses.


Bronze Medal – Madrid Trials, Spain 2003

ADR Trials – Germany 2004

Certificate of Merit – Bagatelle Trials, France 2007

Text and Photos: Les Johnson