People’s Choice Winner National Rose Trial Garden

A large gold flowered, floribunda rose from Germany has been crowned the 2018 winner of the National Rose Trial Garden People’s Choice Weekend.

More than 830 people cast their votes from a selection of 23 roses over the weekend
(7- 8 April), but it was the gold flower with mid green glossy foliage floribunda named
“Golden Beauty” – bred by W Kordes & Son from Germany and introduced into Australia by Treloar Roses of Victoria and due for release for sale in 2020 – that came out on top (it was marked number 6 on the day for those who attended).
This year the lucky winner was Sally Choo from the northern suburbs.
If you missed the People’s Choice Weekend you can still see the roses, including the winner (in the bed marked 13), at the National Rose Trial Garden in the Botanic Gardens.


Golden Beauty, Bed 13 (No 6 on judging day)

People’s Choice prize winner Sally Choo smelling the roses.

People’s Choice prize winner Sally Choo after receiving her prize at the South Australian Rose Society.