National Rose Trial Garden of Australia 2022 Awards
National Rose Trial Garden


National Rose Trial Garden of Australia 2022 Awards

Rose Trial Gardens exist throughout the world.  At least 25 are acknowledged by the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS). In Australia, the National Rose Trial Garden (NRTGA) was established in 1996 to trial roses not yet commercially released, bred locally or internationally.

The purpose of the Trial Garden is to identify and promote those roses best suited to Australian growing conditions, promote Australian Rose Breeding, provide information on roses to the public and provide feedback to Rose Breeders, growers and retailers.

The trial garden is located within the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. A team of ten independent Assessors judge each rose 14 times in the two-year trial. The judges include garden designers and advisors, gardeners from domestic and public gardens and retailers. The roses are not known to the Assessors as each rose is identified by only a number.

The assessment criteria used involves judging the ‘General Impression’ 30%, ‘Flowering and Flower Quality’ 30%, ‘Pest and Disease Resistance’ 30% and ‘Fragrance’ 10%.