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The RSSA seeks applications for grants of up to a maximum of $5,000 in cash and/or kind from groups whose principle purpose is to present rose gardening in its many forms to the wider public.

  • Applications will be accepted on an annual basis between July 1st – September 30th and grants will be awarded by a representative committee of the RSSA Council chaired by the President.
  • Applicants will be advised of the RSSA decisions by November 30th.
  • Applicant groups must come from within the RSSA catchment areas (including its branches).
  • Applicant groups must exist as not for profit and/or community organisations and may be structured as public gardens or those organised as community gardens. Corporate groups will not qualify for this grant.
  • Only applications which address the specific criteria in the Application Form for support will be considered. This could include for example the establishment of an irrigation system in an existing garden; the building of a pergola that would be planted with climbing roses; the purchase of plants to establish a new rose garden.
  • Successful applicants are not eligible to re-apply within a three year period. Unsuccessful applicants can re-apply the following year.
  • Successful applicants need not be gardens devoted entirely to the rose; however roses must predominate within the garden. An applicant can apply for development and/or maintenance of a rose garden as a sub-section of a larger garden.
  • A closing report is required upon completion of the project, including evidence of all expenditure. Volunteer labour cannot be included as a costing towards these projects however specialist and trade labour can be included.
  • Successful grant applicants must allow inspection by a delegate of the RSSA at the completion of the project. Information gathered at this visit, along with photographic documentation, and a written closing report may be used by the RSSA for publicity purposes.
  • Applications must be made using the appropriate form.
  • Assistance with planning the project and/or completion of the application form is available from the RSSA. Please contact the Secretary should such assistance be required.


To download an application form click here.